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Proxy Materials

In delivering proxy materials to its stockholders, ANSYS, Inc. has elected to use the "Notice-Only" option under the "notice and access" rule recently adopted by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

You will receive a notice by mail that specifies how to access your proxy materials and vote your shares online. The notice will also list a toll-free telephone number and email address so that you can request paper copies of the proxy materials if you prefer to vote by telephone or by mail

You can view the Annual Report and Proxy Statement on the Internet at

You will need to supply the control number located on your notice card to access these documents.

To view the documents above, you may need to install the Adobe Acrobat Reader.
To download the Adobe Acrobat Reader, click the URL address below:

The relevant supporting documentation can also be found at the following Internet site(s):

Proxy Statement 
Annual Report
Listen to Annual Meeting Replay

Electronic Proxy Voting
Internet voting is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through 11:59PM Eastern Time the day prior to the date of the annual stockholders meeting. Your internet vote authorizes the named proxies to vote your shares in the same manner as if you marked, signed and returned your proxy card or voted by telephone.

Beneficial Shareholders
You are a Beneficial Shareholder if you own your stock in the Company within a brokerage account. If you wish to vote via the Internet, you may do so at

Registered Shareholders
You are a Registered Shareholder if you own stock directly. If you wish to vote via the Internet or enroll in electronic document delivery, you may do so at

Electronic Document Delivery
Electronic Delivery is a method in which stockholders receive annual meeting material and other stockholder material via e-mail instead of hard-copy postal delivery. Stockholders may opt for the convenience of electronic delivery of all future annual meeting materials. Subscribers will receive messages containing links to the online annual report and proxy statement, and may vote their proxies online. Subscribers will continue to access these materials online each year until they change their delivery preference