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Awards & Recognition

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Ansys recognized by Corporate Knights as a leader in corporate sustainability

newsweek award

Ansys named to Newsweek’s inaugural 2020 list of America’s Most Responsible Companies.

20% By 2020 Women on Boards

Ansys named a 2020 women on boards winning company

Corporate Responsibility for us is about creating long term value for our key stakeholders — our investors, customers, employees, partners and the environment in which we function

A Message from our Officers


Dr. Ajei S. Gopal

President and Chief Executive Officer

“For 50 years, Ansys has embraced corporate responsibility as a reflection of our culture and values. We are committed to extending and deepening our corporate responsibility efforts across the key themes of people, planet and practices while continuing to grow in a sustainable way.”


Ronald W. Hovsepian

Chairman of the Board

“We are proud of our work and the impact it has on our employees, customers, stockholders and other key stakeholders. However, the board is continuing to work with management in seeking opportunities to improve the corporate responsibility initiatives of our company.”

Priority Areas

Innovation, inclusiveness, transparency and integrity are key components of Ansys’ culture and values. Building high-quality, innovative products is the core of our business, and we are committed to creating sustainable, long-term value for our key stakeholders: our investors, customers, employees and partners. We are also responsible for sustaining and improving the environment in which we function.

We are committed to having a positive impact on the lives of people and improving the sustainability of the planet through our products and practices.


Our corporate responsibility program is overseen by our Board of Directors through its Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee.

The program is implemented by a cross-functional Corporate Responsibility Committee with membership from across the company’s functions. The committee is led by the company’s General Counsel.

Selected members of the Corporate Responsibility Committee oversee the company’s environmental sustainability efforts through sub-committee.

Practices & Policies

Corporate Responsibility Report (2019)

Corporate Responsibility Report (2018)

For further information, please contact our Corporate Responsibility Coordinator at

Managing a global, diverse and skilled workforce is a critical part of our business. Ansys believes in giving back to the communities in which we work and reside and in areas aligned to our business through our community relations efforts.

We believe that through our products, we have an opportunity to help our customers develop clean technologies and products. At the same time, we endeavor to integrate environmental resource management considerations into the planning of our facilities and data centers.

Ansys’ position as a leader in engineering simulation is possible primarily due to our constant focus on providing high quality, innovative products to our customers. We acknowledge our customers’ expectations of data security and respect for their privacy, as well as the need to ensure business continuity and unwavering adherence to business ethics and integrity.


Employee Engagement and Development (2019)


Voluntary Employee
Turnover Rate

Total Employee
Turnover Rate

Diversity and Inclusion (2019)

% of Women on Senior
Leadership Team

% of All Women

Women Board
Members (Q1 2020)

Ethnic Diversity – United States (2019)

Ansys’ simulation solutions enabling our customers sustainability goals


magniX’s goal is to enhance global prosperity through connecting communities by providing clean, low-cost, electric-powered air transportation.

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By designing a tree-like wind power generator with steel branches and plastic leaves, New Wind has created an aesthetically pleasing alternative energy source for urban environments, bringing energy generation closer to people.

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STEM Education

STEM education remains a key element of our ESG focus. Ansys Hall, a new engineering building complete with state-of-the-art maker space, was inaugurated on the campus of Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in November 2019.

Average number of free student product downloads per year in last three year 240,000

Number of student competition teams sponsored by Ansys in 2019 400+