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What is Ansys' stock ticker symbol?
Where is Ansys' stock traded?
NASDAQ Global Select Market
Where is the Company's corporate headquarters?

Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, about 16 miles south of Pittsburgh in Southpointe business park

Who is Ansys' transfer agent and registrar?

American Stock Transfer & Trust Company
6201 15th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11219

Shareholder Services toll free number 800.937.5449 or Direct 718.921.8124
TTY: 718.921.8386 or 866.703.9077


Does Ansys have a direct stock purchase plan?

Ansys does not have a direct stock purchase program

Does Ansys pay a dividend? And, does Ansys have a DRIP plan?
Ansys currently does not pay a dividend and does not have a dividend reinvestment program (DRIP).Ansys has paid two stock dividends in connection with its prior stock splits. See Stock Information on the Ansys Investor Relations home page for information on Ansys stock splits.
Does Ansys provide the Cost Basis of my Ansys stock?

No, cost basis information can be obtained from the Ansys transfer agent, American Stock Transfer & Trust Company, or from your broker, depending on whether you hold your Ansys stock directly in your own name, or in street name with a broker. If you own Ansys stock directly in your name, you can contact American Stock Transfer & Trust Company using the contact information above, or if you hold Ansys shares through a brokerage firm, you can contact the broker directly.

When has Ansys' stock split?
Please see the section entitled Stock Information on the Ansys Investor Relations home page for a history of Ansys stock splits and additional answers to frequently asked questions about our most recent stock split.
When is Ansys' next quarterly earnings announcement?
Please visit the Events & Presentations section for the latest information on Ansys' next earnings announcement.
When did Ansys go public? At what price?

Ansys went public on June 20, 1996 at an initial offer price of $13.00 or $3.25 on a split-adjusted basis.

What year was Ansys incorporated and in what state?

Ansys was incorporated on January 12, 1994 in the State of Delaware.

When do Ansys' fiscal quarters end?
Q1: January 1 thru March 31
Q2: April 1 thru June 30
Q3: July 1 thru September 30
Q4: October 1 thru December 31
What products does Ansys sell?

Ansys develops, markets, and supports engineering simulation software used to predict how product designs will operate and how manufacturing processes will behave in real-world environments. The company continually advances simulation solutions by, first, developing or acquiring the very best technology; then integrating it into a unified and customizable simulation platform that allows engineers to efficiently perform complex simulations involving the interaction of multiple physics; and, finally, providing system services to manage simulation processes and data – all so engineers and product developers can spend more time designing and improving products and less time using software and searching for data.

Please refer to our web site at www.ansys.com for a specific listing of Ansys solutions.

What industries does Ansys sell its software to?

With the unequalled depth and unparalleled breadth of our engineering simulation solutions, companies in virtually every industry are transforming their leading-edge design concepts into innovative products and processes that work. Today, established global companies across diverse industries invest in engineering simulation as a key strategy to win in a globally competitive environment. They choose Ansys as their simulation partner, deploying the world's most comprehensive multiphysics solutions to solve their complex engineering challenges. The engineered scalability of our solutions delivers the flexibility customers need, within an architecture that is adaptable to the processes and design systems of their choice. No wonder the world's most successful companies turn to Ansys – with a track record close to 50 years as the industry leader – for the best in engineering simulation.

Please refer to our web site at www.ansys.com in the Industries section for more information on each specific industry vertical.

What companies has Ansys recently acquired?
Please see the section entitled Acquisitions & Partnerships on the Ansys Investor Relations home page for a listing of Ansys's recent publicly announced acquisitions.
Who is Ansys' registered independent public accountant?
Ansys' registered independent public accountant is Deloitte & Touche LLP (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania).
What are your quiet periods?
Quarter Quiet Period
4th Quarter 2021 December 15th 2021 – February 24th 2022
1st Quarter 2022 March 15th 2022 – May 5th 2022
2nd Quarter 2022 June 15th 2022 – August 4th 2022
3rd Quarter 2022 September 15th 2022 – November 3rd 2022
How do I contact investor relations?

Investor Relations Contact

Kelsey DeBriyn
Email: kelsey.debriyn@ansys.com

When is the annual stockholder meeting held?
The stockholder meeting is typically held in May as determined by the Board of Directors. Proxy materials can be found on our IR website.
Where can I obtain financial information?
Refer to the financial documents archive on our IR website for online versions of financial documents such as Form 10-Q, Form 10-K, annual reports, and quarterly financial results. 
Stock Split
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What are the key dates related to Ansys' stock split?

May 25, 2007 - Record Date
If you own shares on the record date, you will be entitled to receive additional shares as a result of the stock split.

June 4, 2007 - Distribution (Payable) Date
This is the date when, as of the close of Ansys' trading on the NASDAQ Exchange, Mellon Investor Services, Ansys' stock transfer agent, will adjust stockholders' holdings to reflect the stock split.

June 5, 2007 - Ex-Distribution (Payable) Date
This is the date when Ansys common stock will begin trading at its new split-adjusted price on NASDAQ.